EWB is an engineering company specialized on waste sorting facilities

EWB – a german company, focusing on the russian market.

Our Service

Waste composition analysis

EWB can do a waste composition analysis. With the analysis we know how many valuable ressources there is within the waste. Based on that a waste sorting plant can be engineered.

200.000 t/a EWB


EWB plans waste sorting plants, trying to be highly automized, using the most innovative technology on the market.


EWB supports the modernization of already existing plants, or can provide an expertise for banks and investment companies

More information about EWB

10 years of experience

EWB has more than 10 years of experience in the russian waste market

Waste sorting facilities from 100.000 to 400.000 t/a

EWB engineers projects from 100.000 up to 400.000 t/a

EWB engineers project with a recycling goal of 60%

EWB always tries to recycle as much as possible